Setting The Standard

1 John 4:1-10

Good morning! What a wonderful day the Lord has given us. We have come together this morning in Bradenton, first to honor and praise Him; second, we need each other and the encouragement that is derived from our fellowship. Fellowship is literally “mutual participation” in something. Our fellowship in Christ is spiritual. It has a spiritual focus and a spiritual outcome.

This morning we continue our series on forgiveness. We have for the past several weeks examined aspects of forgiveness including confession, remission of sins, and confidence of our salvation in Jesus. Salvation is the free gift of God. If our salvation is authentic, it changes us. God, through His Word, through the person of Jesus Christ, and by the power of His Spirit, provides the guidance we need for our lives in Him. It’s right to say that He sets the standard for our Christian living. This morning we look at that standard and how it affects our lives.

1. God sets the standard for what __________ is. 1 John 4:10; Romans 5:8

2. God sets the standard for what the _______________ ___________ is. John 13:35; 1 John 4:7-8; 1 John 4:19; 1 John 4:12; 1 John 4:16; 1 Corinthians 13:2; 1 John 4:20-21;

3. We need to set the standard for the ______________ to see. Ephesians 6:12; John 13:35.

By our loving others as He loves us, we become complete in our love for Him.

It is my prayer that this study of God’s Word will enrich and encourage your life as you live for Him.

You Are Loved………..

Dennis Randall


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