How to be an Encourager

Recognizing that all of us have experiences in life that discourage and/or bring some level of depression, I want to share with you today a message from God’s Word intended to encourage us generally in life and specifically in our spiritual journey. We are, as we should be, grateful for those in our lives who encourage us when we’re down. Few are the number of people who never need encouragement. Discouragement is common to us, and sometimes can be a tool used by Satan to hinder our faith. But God is GOOD…. Here are some lyrics from a wonderful praise song. It says;

Give me all your pride, Give me all your fears, Give me all your secrets, Give me all your tears, Give me all your doubt, Give me all your shame…Watch them wash away, In Jesus’ name.

Here’s the sermon for today:

1. Christians are to __________________ each other. Hebrews 3:13; Hebrews 10:25

2. ___________________ your need for encouragement. Here are just some of the reasons we need encouragement:

A. _________
B. A _____________ view of life
C. ____________ ________________
D. ____________

3. We are encouraged when:

A. Our _____________ are confirmed.
B. Our ______________ is affirmed.
C. Our ______________ times are put into perspective.
D. Our ______________ are appreciated.
E. Our higher _____________ are inspired.

Listen to the audio sermon below of How to be an Encourager.

Dennis Randall

Dennis Randall

Dennis Randall has served in the Lord's ministry for more than four decades, and his ministry has taken him to Ohio, Louisiana, Tennessee, and now Florida.
Dennis Randall

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