Our Beliefs

We as Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  He is the cornerstone of how we see ourselves at 43rd street Church  –  Christians only.

We are a Bible-believing body of disciples. 

The Bible is the word of God and knowing how God speaks to us is one of life’s most important undertakings. Our relationship with God is determined by the Bible, the final authority for our religious beliefs.  The Bible teaches us how to live our Christianity.

At the 43rd Street church, our relationship with God is a spiritual outreach of the American Restoration Movement.  We are completely independent and autonomous in terms of our teaching, practice, and church government.  In things that are essential to the core beliefs of the Bible, we strive for unity.  In all things, we strive with love in our hearts.

It is our love of God’s created world that allows us to welcome everyone to the body of Christ.  The 43rd St. Church believes in living out God’s word and Jesus’ teaching in all that we do.

The church embraces every aspect of humanity: In Christ we are a family.  Our goal is that all people, of all races and backgrounds, of all levels of health or handicap, of all nationalities and age groups feel welcome in God’s family.