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Welcome to the 43rd Street Church of Christ

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done. Come as you are because we believe that love wins. 

As a congregation of God’s people, we are a group of people who just want to be Christians. Our heritage comes from the American Restoration Movement.  We are completely independent in terms of teaching, practice, and church leadership.

We desire to be obedient to God’s word and live out the teachings of Jesus in both word and deed. We hope you find us to be Christians who care about people of all races and backgrounds.


Do You Need a Friend?

Often in our society, religion is confused with church buildings and programs. God did not send a shrine or a new program to redeem lost humanity. God sent his Son so we may be saved through Him and learn of His love for us. God’s agenda has always been people centered.

We hope you find us to be Christians who care about people. Our goal is that all people, of all races and backgrounds of all levels of health or handicap, of all nationalities and age groups feel welcome in our family. You will hear us talk about our Church family. God speaks of Christians as his son or children, heirs of his promise – all images of the family.

The more we are together and share in each others needs, rejoice in each others triumphs, minister to each others pain, and share in each others joys, the more we truly feel like real family.

As a family, we are not perfect, but we do have a perfect Father. We want you to know Him too, and hope you decide to be a part of the 43rd Street Church family here in Bradenton.

Church Service Times

Sunday Service Times

Bible Study: 9:00am
Sunday Service: 10:00am

Wednesday Service Times

Children & Adult Classes 6:30pm